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The Official Cleaning Company (formed in 2002), is a professional cleaning company located in London, England (UK). Collectively we have over 25 years experience in the cleaning business. We offer a wide range of services for both Commercial and Non-Commercial (residential cleaning) sectors. We cover all London areas and pride ourselves in providing high quality cleaning services to all our individual clients.THE OFFICIAL CLEANING COMPANY - GUARANTEE

We know how important having a clean office and a clean home is for everyone involved, and we pride ourselves in establishing the very best for our clients and customers. We offer customer support 7 Days a Week and all of our cleaners are quality checked and approved before appointment. No matter how big or small the service, we at Official Cleaning can handle all cleaning tasks (big or small).

You can book our cleaners for as many hours as you need with a minimum of 3 hours.  No contracts are needed for residential cleaning services. We only ask for a health and safety signature to ensure that our cleaners are safe at work at all times. We don’t require contracts to be signed as we like to work for clients who want us to work for them and would never dream of wanting to force you to let us clean without your consent. Just sit back and relax and let our uniformed staff at Official Cleaning take care of your home or office, so you can do your work and social activities undisturbed. The Official Cleaning Team will have everything sorted out within no time.

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