How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors

If polished marble or granite is protected with floor finish, the finish must be buffed or burnished and periodically replaced to keep the surface protected and looking good. How to Clean Marble and Granite FloorsBecause marble and granite are sensitive and porous, they need to be cleaned with a neutral cleaner solution and then polished dry. Scratched and dull surfaces can be revived with a marble restorer (available from janitorial supply stores).Cultured marble and certain types of granite are stronger than real marble and stone, but they do lose their luster after being cleaned for years. dr dre headphones .

  1. Clean with a spray bottle filled with all-purpose or disinfectant cleaner and a soft cloth.
  2. Always keep the area wet while working. Never use powdered cleansers, steel wool, metal scrapers or colored scrub pads on cultured marble or granite.
  3. If the surface is worn and looks dull even after cleaning, polishing compound may bring back the glow.
  4. A little appliance wax, car wax or silicone sealer will also help fill fine scratches and restore the shine.

How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors

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